Team and contributors

Bios of co-organisers

Mathilda Rosengren, PhD

is a visual anthropologist and human geographer with a particular interest in more-than-human entanglements, ecologies, and ethnographies of the urban Anthropocene. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Urban Research, Malmö University.

Lucilla Barchetta, PhD

is a cultural anthropologist with a PhD in Urban Studies. Her work focuses on the intersections between ecology, urban socio-ecological change and globalization and is sustained by an in-depth ethnographic approach to the study of multibeings life and health. She is interested in the grounded work of navigating the dimensions of everyday, environmental justice and its links with more-than-human cohabitation. Her first monograph is titled “La rivolta del verde. Nature e rovine a Torino”, published by AgenziaX (Terrae series) in 2021.

List of contributors

Keynote speakers

Bianca Rinaldi – VENICE

Associate Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Henriette Steiner – MALMÖ

Associate Professor, Københavns Universitet

Sandra Jasper – BERLIN

Assistant Professor. Dr., Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Presenters and participants

Eduardo AbrantesRoskilde University


Eleonora AmbrosioUniversità degli Studi Roma Tre


Giorgia AquilarUniversità IUAV di Venezia


Jolein BergersKU Leuven

Elisa BertuzzoWeißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin


Alexandra BrownAmsterdam University College

Collettivo EpidemiaItaly

Jan van DuppenThe Open University

Caroline EktanderBauhaus-Universität Weimar


Chero EliassiKTH Arkitekturskolan


Marion ErnweinThe Open University

Sarah FelixHumboldt University

Elena FerrariUniversità IUAV di Venezia


Thomas E. HauckUniversity of Vienna


Stefanie HenneckeUniversität Kassel


Johanna JustETH Zürich

Katharina KapitzaARL – Akademie für Raumentwicklung in der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft


Nicolas KellerVäxtverket Malmö

Linda LapinaRoskilde University


Petra LiljaKonstfack


Sophie LokatisFreie Universität Berlin

Flavia Alice MameliUniversität Kassel


Suzanne MathewRhode Island School of Design


Annalisa MettaUniversità degli Studi Roma Tre


Monica PorzionatoLund University

Mattias QviströmSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU


Manuela RonciPolitecnico di Torino


Kristine SamsonRoskilde University


Josefine Sarkez-KnudsenLund University


Valentina SavoUniversità degli Studi Roma Tre


Alexandra TolandBauhaus-Universität Weimar


Annette VoigtUniversität Kassel


Andrea ZinzaniUniversità degli Studi di Bologna


Host and support institutions

Humanities and Social Change,
Center at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Institute for Urban Research,
Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University

Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies,
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


The Urban Studies Foundation